Do a Small Task Online and Get Paid

I’m one of those who making money online for extra income. I make money from my blog, affiliate program and sell stuffs online, I think there are many ways to make extra money to pay your bill every month, both offline and online, which everyone can easily do it at home in a spare time. (I know many people that make more money from their online job more than their day jobs.)

Every day more and more people are looking for alternative ways to make money. I think the easiest way to make money nowadays is making money online or work at home.


If you have a spare time and you want to get some extra money for paying your bills, I have a good place for you to find some easy jobs and get paid.

ShortTask is where that allows companies and individuals to post various tasks online and then allows workers to do the tasks. The tasks are easy tasks that you can easily complete in a short time. Earn $3-$10 a day from your spare time is possible with Short Task., but if you have more time I think you can make more than $10 a day.

I just signed up to be a member of this site. The registration progress is easy, you don’t need a website or blog to join the program, you just need only a computer with internet connection. I signed up as a solver to looking for some jobs and here is my ShortTask review.

The web site of ShortTask is easy to use, they divided their website into two zones( Solver and Seeker). To sign up, you have to choose between solver and seeker.


How It Works

You can choose between solver and seeker. Solver is the one who looking for a task, Seeker is the companies and individual that post various tasks online and looking for someone to do the tasks.

If you’re a solver like me, you just browse on their tasks page to see what are the tasks that available for you. They also provided the video demo on “How to use ShortTask for Solvers” Here is the video demo


They pay via Paypal and you can withdraw if you made $10 or more.

Tasks on ShortTask

Some tasks that available on Short Task

It’s easy to use their system you just browse or search tasks that available on the site, accept the task, complete the tasks and you get paid. If you’re a seeker, you looking for someone to do the jobs for you, just sign up as the seeker, post the tasks and wait for someone that did the jobs for you.

ShortTask is a very good idea, if you’re interested in making money online that you can work from home or everywhere. ShortTask is a great place for you.

Link : ShortTask