html5maker – Free Tool For Creating Banners, Sliders and Presentations

If you want animated web banners, sliders, or web navigations for your websites. There’s a free tool for that.

html5maker is a free online tool for creating web banners, animations, sliders, presentations and more. The tool is easy to use, just drag and drop or just start from templates. You’ll get the animated banners, sliders or presentations created by using HTML5.

Try it by yourself by visit the link below.


You can create HTML5 banners from templates.


Create PHP To-Do List Tutorial (Video Tutorial)

Learn to create a PHP To-Do List (Video Tutorial) – Free Online Image Optimization Tool is a free images optimization tool from Yahoo. It is a lossless tool, which means it optimizes the images without decrease quality of images.

You can use this tool by uploading images using the uploader tool or you just paste URLs of your images and click Smush button to start the progess.

Justinmind – Tool for Prototype Website or Mobile App

Justinmind is a tool for creating prototype with some cool features. You can use this tool to prototype websites or mobile apps and run your prototype design for testing purpose on real device like smartphone.



Pure CSS3 Animated Button Pack

Pure CSS3 animated button pack is a set of beautiful CSS3 animated button.

You can download and use the buttons on your website. The button set includes up to 64 colors buttons and shape combinations with 4 different shapes. The buttons have really nice effect.

You can download Pure CSS3 animated button pack for free from the link below.

Pure CSS3 Animated Button Pack

RIOT – Free Image Optimizer Tool

One of the variable Google uses to rank website on its own serach result is page speed load. If you check your website on PageSpeed Insights, you may get a suggestion from Google to optimize images on your website to reduce page load time.

RIOT is a free image optimizer for Windows. Designed for easy to use, you can compare image before and after you optimize the file.

You can download RIOT for free from the link below.

Riot - Free Image Optimizer Tool

Generate SVG Loading Icons Online is a free tool for generate little icons that indicate loading in progress in application. You can choose a loading icon from template and generate as SVG, CSS or Gif animation.

SVG Loading icon is a graphic format used in Illustrator, many web applications use it on the web for loading icon.

SVG Loading

Free Download Beautiful SVG Loading

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an image format for vector graphics. You may see little loading icons from many websites or or mobile apps that use SVG as loading icons.

If you’re looking for a loading icon for your web application. This is a free beautiful set of SVG loading icon, built purely in SVG, no CSS or JS. Download free from the link below.

SVG Loading

Brackets – Free Open Source Text Editor From Adobe

Brackets is an open source text editor form Adobe. Hi-light features of Brackets are inline editor, live preview, preprocessors support (SCSS and LESS) and preview extension that lets you open PSD file in Brackets and pull out design information form the file.

Brackets is support extensions, some popular extensions are Theme for Brackets, Code Folding, Beautify (format you code), Emmet (Improve your HTML & CSS workflow) and Brackets Git (Git integration)

You can download Brackets at no cost from the link below.



Test Responsive Web Design With Chrome Plugin – Responsive Web Design Tester

If you’re looking for a tool for testing your responsive web design. There is Responsive Wed Design Tester, a free plugin for Google Chrome.

With this tool, you can preview your responsive web design with Google Chrome. This tool will adjust the sceen size of Chrome to match screen size of iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet. If you don’t find anything that suits your needs, you can add your devices.

This tool is free, you can download at the link below.

Responsive Web Design Tester

Responsive Web Design Tester

Link: Responsive Web Design Tester