Javascript Mouse Over Tooltip Box

This is a javascript and Css code that will show a popup tooltip when you’re pointing mouse pointer over a link or an image, the script will show a popup tooltip and when you move your mouse pointer away the link, the tooltip box will follow your mouse pointer, then when you point out the link the tooltip box wiil be disappeared. You can choose from qTip or cool DHTML tooltip

Javascript Mouse Over Tooltip Box

1. qTips

– This is a good javascript mouse over tooltip, the author of this script called it “qTip” (see example in the image above)
you can grab the script from the author’s website or download my sample code here

2. Dynamic Drive Cool DHTML Tooltip

– Dynamic Drive has a lot of good javascripts stuff, Dhtml Tooltip by Dynamic Drive is another good one (see example in the image above) visit website for the code


  1. Hi thereEvery other blog I have read about Dhtml, has been lacking in information. Your insight into Dhtml is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Michelle

  2. How do I make an icon instead of tooltip ? Example, instead of the ‘boring’ finger icon when we point to any link, how do I change it to a customize icon ?

    Been trying to find some guide on this, but to no avail.

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