Write Better HTML and CSS Code With CodeGuide

If you’re a new web developer and want to write good, clean, easy to read HTML and CSS code, here is a guide for you.

CodeGiude is a website that give you information about standards for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS.

CodeGuide guides you to code beautifully, easy to read and easy to understand for your individual project or team project. CodeGuide was developed by Mark Otto (Director of design at GitHub and the creator of Bootstrap).

Example of how to write good HTML syntax

HTML document should have doctype! tag to render HTML5 properly . When you have long code and nest element, Use soft tabs with two spaces.

HTML Syntax

IE Compatible mode is help to render your correctly when display on web browser of Microsoft.

IE Compatible Mode

Example of how to write good CSS syntax

In instances where a rule set includes only one declaration, consider removing line breaks for readability and faster editing. Any rule set with multiple declarations should be split to separate lines.

Class Name

Strive to limit use of shorthand declarations to instances where you must explicitly set all the available values.

Shorthand Notation

Guide on how to write good class name.

Single Line CSS Code

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