How to Disable Touchpad / Trackpad on Windows 10 Bootcamp Partition

If you are a Mac user and have a bootcamp partition that was installed Windows and you want to disable trackpad. On a Mac you can easily disable trackpad when mouse is presenting, but on the bootcamp partition, there is no obvious menu to disable trackpad or touchpad (on windows, it was called touchpad).

Not everyone love using trackpad. Here is the way to disable touchpad on Windows 10 (This method can apply to Windows 7 and 8 too).

1. Open Control Panel by pressing Windows key + s and search for “Control panel” or go to Start > All apps > Windows System > Control Panel.

2. Control Panel will be opened, then click on “Hardware and Sound”.

Control Panel

3. At Hardware and Sound windows, click on “Devices and Printers”.

Hardware and Sound

4. At Devices and Printers windows, you’ll see a list of your devices.

Devices and Printers

5. Right click on “Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad” and choose “Properties”. You’ll see the Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad Properties window.

Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad

6. At this point, you have to switch tab from general to hardware tab. Look for HID-compliant mouse or name of your mouse in the device functions list. Click on the first one and choose “Properties”.

HID-compliant mouse

7. You’ll see the HID-compliant mouse properties windows. Click on “Change settings”.

Change settings

8. Click on “Driver tab” and choose “Disable” to disable the select device.

Driver tab

9. Apply all these steps to other 2 HID-compliant mouse properties and now your trackpad was disable. If you want to re-enable your trackpad just repeat all these steps and choose “Enable” at step 8.