HP Mini 210 HD Edition, A Nice Netbook

HP Mini 210 HD Edition

I’m looking to buy a netbook for writing blog posts, read my emails and surf the web when I have to go outside, travel or meeting at the coffee shop.

I did search on Google and some tech blogs, I found that HP Mini 210 HD edition catchs my eye, I like the silver one, nice design and look not cheap. The Mini 210 relies on the now typical 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU and 1GB of RAM combo for its power, and it handled our typical netbook tasks. Hp allows me to choose between Windows XP and Windows 7, I definitely choose Windows 7 for sure.

The spec is enough for my work with 10.1″ high definition (720p) display with smooth, edge-to-edge surface which comes with a 1366 x 768 display. I read reviews from some tech blog and they says it has good performance and worth the money.

I tried it at the shop and really impress, with an attractive new thin design, improved chiclet keyboard and that promise to handle high-def contents and the price is right for me. I plan to buy this netbook very soon.

Before buying don’t forget to grab the HP coupons for a discount price for those who want to make their purchase online.


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