Microsoft Releases Expression Studio 2 For Web Development

Microsoft releases their new version of Microsoft Expression 2, now it’ s improved lot of features such as support PHP, easily work with Adobe Photoshop and fully support their Silverlight.

Expression Studio 2 is all the tools you need to develop your web in one package. Expression Studio 2 Includes Expession web, Expression Blend, Expression Design, Expression Media and Expression Encoder.

Expression Web 2
– this tool is a Web design tool that now adds support for PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and Adobe Photoshop.

Expression Blend 2
– an interactive design tool featuring Silverlight support, vertex animation, and an improved user interface with a split design/XAML view.

Expression Design 2
– a graphic design tool supporting exporting functionality, including the ability to export slices.

Expression Media 2
– a digital asset management product for photographers and other professionals. Support is added for file formats like Raw. Geotagging functionality also is featured, as is support by Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2008.

Expression Encoder 2
– a video encoding tool the now included to this suite.

Microsoft releases Expression Studio 2 For Web Development

Link : Microsoft Expression