Learn To Create a CSS Div Web Layout With Dreamweaver Video Tutorials

In these 3 parts video tutorials from tentonbooks.com, you’ll learn how to create a web layout in CSS with Adobe Dreamweaver.

In the video tutorials, you’ll learn about how to use Css tools and layout tools in Dreamweaver to create a web layout instead of using table. The video is great and easy to follow.

If you’re looking for a good tutorials about Css and Dreamweaver, these video tutorials are good for you.

There’re 3 parts in the video tutorials

Part 1 – Layout Basic
Part 2 – Code + Layout Refinement
Part 3 – Centering a CSS Layout

Learn To Create a CSS Div Web Layout With Dreamweaver Video Tutorial


  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks a lot for the post! I hope your readers enjoy the vids–there’s a few more that I just posted, and there’s lots more on the way! Cheers, ~Geoff

  2. Just came across your excellent video tutorials on Dreamweaver. Have a comment on centering a CSS layout. Although your method surely works, it did seem a little involved. Here’s how I do it a little simpler. Just thought I’d pass this along. Works in all the main browsers without a problem. This is the most important part: I start out with an absolute div and center it immediately. Here are the CSS ID rule settings:

    Width:give a value
    Height:give a value
    Margin>Right:Auto & Left:Auto.
    (By the way, there’s no need to put in 0 anywhere else in the Margin section, if the input box is left blank it’s equivalent to 0.)


    Now you have a floating centered div.

    All you have to do now is nest some divs inside the main centered div and you have your centered CSS layout! Simple and works for me every time.

  3. Correction on the above Don King post:

    Sorry guys, I’m so used to using absolute divs for almost everything when laying out a site, that I incorrectly said the main centered div was to be positioned as absolute. That is wrong. Don’t know what I was thinking. Obviously not thinking in this case. Bottom line: DON’T ENTER ANY POSITIONING for that first centered div. The div will then work as mentioned above and be centered no matter what size the page is open to. Then just nest everything else inside that one main centered div. The extra nested divs can then be positioned as absolute within that main centered div. There are other ways to do this, but I find this to be the easiest way to go. The latest version of Dreamweaver makes things even easier. Check it out if you can afford the software. P.S. I often find myself creating sites entirely in Flash these days. Just use Dreamweaver to upload the files. But that’s another entirely different story.

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