Converting Photoshop Web Template File To HTML/XHTML/CSS Web Page File Video Tutorial

In these videos tutorial, you will learn how to convert photoshop web template file in .PSD to HTML file and Css file.

These videos are form The video tutorials have 3 parts and they’re great video tutorials, you’ll learn how to convert file from photoshop to HTML and Css file and how to code Css file at the same time.

The videos tutorials are in quicktime format
Video tutorial 1 (10:10 minute)
Video tutorial 2 (17:10 minute)
Video tutorial 3 (31:53 minute)

Converting Photoshop Web Template File To HTML/XHTML/CSS Web Page  Video Tutorial


  1. Superb series – very clear and some excellent tips and tricks.

    Also a very good tutorial on HTML and CSS.

  2. Thank u soooo much for posting these videos. Some people are able to learn better if they can actually see the work being done (visual learners) instead of just reading it. I am one of those people.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this and share because I know a lot of work went into doing this tutorial.

  3. Dude,where have you bee before . . .
    Great tuts,very clean code,i am impressed.

    Hope you will make more of these,they are fun to follow.
    Perhaps for a darker photoshop template,with more blocks,i don`t know,perhaps some kind of a video or nusic template.

    Like i sad,just great.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. AWESOME !!! I have been searching this kind of video so long and today I am very proud manage to download these awesome..

    BRILLIANT…and thank you so much for sharing with us

  5. its a very kind of you to share this tutorial to people who need this kind of thing, live in front of my eyes, awesome !!!

    thanks for sharing bro…

  6. It’s the first time I give a feedback, but this tutorial was so professional that I have to change my bad habit! Clean, very easy to follow, and up to the point!
    It’s not my business but it’s the first time I can say that I really understand the background of css and index files and the logic behind them. Even I worked on several web projects, and made professional photoshop layouts for them, but never feel the need to see it deeper.

    Congratulation and see more!

    Thank you!

  7. You’re freakin awesome. I’m a web programmer who needed to learn the design aspects quick. I found so many worthless tutorials on the internet, including some of the ones from Microsoft. I found yours and its excellent. Most tutorials on the internet dont provide read world scenarios but yours does. Thanks a million. You’re one great person and if anyone tells you different .. THERE WRONG.

  8. Wow, I’m with Gabor….have never left a comment either.

    Wonderful tut! The detail that you go into really helps to understand the small yet important points.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

  9. Most excellent. Job well done. It was a little rough but you expanded on quite a bit of css. Plenty of room for improvement, but you’ve given quite a bit info and lecture to allow others to follow up on their own, with your lesson.

    -Hope to see more!

  10. Everyone here who watched your podcasts and left some comments say the same : your tutorials are great, very pedagogical and yet funny. So thumbs up for you Chris, thanx a lot for sharing your knowledge with us, and thanx the web and the open state of mind for bringing this knowledge to everyone. That’s how we all get better.

  11. Very nice explaining video, though I know html and css, I now get the idea how to analyze and convert images to html layout.

  12. This is a good video series on slicing, very well done. You’ve inspired me to create some video tutorials myself. Unrelated: I’ve always admired the simplicity of the Mac’s Text Mate, it’s so sad there is no quality equivilent for PC. (Though I suppose it is just another reason to buy a Mac).

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